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Unique and thoroughly renovated Bed & Breakfast in a green setting and an oasis of peace in absolute silence Located La douve aux agneaux Normandy This Bed & Breakfast runs on its own sites. With proven turnover Normandy is a region in northwestern France, located on the Channel. Normandy refers to the Normans who ruled this area in the tenth century. Within world history, Normandy plays an especially important role in World War II, because the Allies landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944...
Basse-Normandie en Haute-Normandie
27 - Eure
Land, Commercial, Exclusive
Reference number: 27-1710
€ 965.000

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Basse-Normandie en Haute-Normandie
76 - Seine-Maritime
Reference number: 8123722-203
€ 107.000